Bulgarian producer and trader with baby and child goods offers its products


Bulgarian company offers huge range of baby and child products – baby strollers, high chairs, car seat, folding cots, toys, baby walkers, tricycles, swings, rockers, clothes. It is aiming at contracting of long-term distribution services and commercial agency agreements with partners in the target countries.

All products which company offers fully comply with all Europeans Standards for safety and are made with 100% safe materials. Each product and all its materials are tested in accredited laboratory for different hazard substances. The company guarantees practical, nice and completely safe products. There is no minimum order quantity – each customer can order each product, each color, even 1 piece. The company offers flexible commercial terms according to the specific requirements of its customers. The integrated ERP and quality management systems are a precondition for fast and fluent process - from the ordering to the delivery.

The company was founded in 1996 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and is specialized in manufacturing and trade with baby products under its own brands. The product range includes baby strollers, child car seats, high chairs, play pens and cribs, wooden beds, multifunctional toys, kids’ clothes – everything that babies and small children need. Each year the company creates a new collection, which distinguishes its style and makes the products unique. The years of experience help the company to ensure safety and comfort for children and their parents. Several of the biggest Bulgarian distributors in the branch supply more than 100 stores with the company’s products. At the same time the company has 5 representative stores which are example for excellent service, good practices and unique interior. Alongside its own brands, the company is an official representative for Bulgaria of several known foreign producers of baby and child products, a fact proving the professionalism of the management and the staff. The safety of the products is certified and guaranteed by independent laboratories and complies with all EN standards. The production processes and the quality of the products are ensured by the ERP (enterprise resource planning) and quality management systems, integrated in the company.





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The potential partners of the company are distributors, wholesalers and specialized stores and shops for baby and child goods in the target countries. The company is ready to sign long-term distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement for supply of its products to the interested parties.

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