Specialised flour tests in scope of its baking value are offered.


A group of researchers from Poland operates in agriculture department at the local university. They offer specialised services in range of flour tests. The offered tests allows to indicate flour composition what determine its quality and price. The scientists are looking for companies such as bakeries but also farmers and millers who would like to check properties of flour that they produce or use for baking. The cooperation in a form of services agreement is offered.

- the team has long term experience in flour testing - the team has access to fully equipped modern laboratory - in-depth specialised knowledge - experience in cooperation with industry - to clients request - it is possible to test flour itself as well as the complex baking process including the final product

A group of scientists from one of Polish technical universities with over a dozen years of experience in flour testing offers its services. This kind of cereal tests allows to define contents of the respective components that affect flour class and price. The offered services are dedicated to millers, bakers and farmers who would like to check flour baking parameters. Since 2011 they have its own fully equipped laboratory. These kind of tests indicate flour baking value what is important because one type of flour can be highly useful in bread baking but totally useless for other kind of pastries and vice versa. All types of cereals can be tested (wheat flour, spelled, rye, amaranth, sorghum), also gluten-free products. The partner has to deliver flour samples afterward the team tests it and provides the report. The team can also support the company in checking and improving the whole baking process – starting from used ingredients to the final product. The scientists cooperated with one of main local bakeries in range of checking and comparison the performance of its production equipment. The offered services are dedicated to millers, bakers and farmers who would like to check flour baking parameters. The researchers are looking for partnership in a form of services agreement.





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Secret Know-how)

The researchers offers its services to farmers, millers and bakers that want to test flour parametres produced by them or used by them for baking. The company should deliver flour samples. After testing the scientists prepare report.

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