Italian farm specialized on production and marketing of citrus, is looking for intermediaries in order to expand its brand abroad.


An Italian farm, with a long experience of family business for over 50 years and counting on an experienced and solid staff, has created a brand on citrus production and distribution where every step is executed in respect of hygiene and authenticity principle. Main goals to reach are genuineness, quality and natural products. The company is looking for commercial agency agreement and distribution services in order to diffuse its products into external markets.

- Relevant experience; -Efficient agriculture techniques; -Refuse of chemical agents intervention and any type of synthetic products or genetically modified fertilizers; -High level production and meticulous approach; -Refuse for any form of automated process to forward a manually production; - Integrity and quality excellence of the product; - Natural and genuine fruit offer; - Organic and biology certifications; -Attention to vitamins preservation of the product; - Certification like Global GAP, IGP and Organic - The blood orange experience

A newly Italian farm born under the push of the old business of the family and active in citrus market for over 50 years, despite of its young age, can counts on the solid and passionate 20 years experience of its staff. Concentrating its activity in particular on Blood orange production, the company builds its business on a strong and excellent production process starting by the ideal location of the crops that take place on terraces, the best way to take full benefits from the hilly terrain. This type of agriculture allows to create the perfect balance of liquid penetration into the ground. With the amount of 20 ton of oranges and lemons per hour, the farm company cares its production process step by step. Respecting the integrity and quality excellence of its products, the company set up its production idea on the refuse of chemical elements use for a natural exploitation of the soil, avoiding synthetic products or genetically modified fertilizers. All these factors are pillars of a company production that makes and offers a good and natural fruit in term of color, size and ripeness. Each fruit slice has to be brilliant and its flavor has to be perfectly balanced. An additional element is the company attention paid to vitamins and active principles preservation of its products, attested by its organic and biology certifications. Company ideology is working on quality, not on quantity. For this reason, each step of production process is managed with care and patience respecting each single tree and fruit it offers. Trees are carefully pruned regularly. From the picking of single fruit to the final product, each phase is managed assuring a high quality level and a meticulous control. For this reason the fruit picking is managed with maximum care and cleaning. Strict test and high hygiene standards constitute a routine plan. Since the company refuses any form of automated process, the entire harvest is carried out manually, without the aid of any machine or automated process. Fruits are supplied directly from the field by its teams of pickers. Finally, product transportation is made with an own controlled system which transports products from the countryside to the point of production. The storage of citrus is safe, simple and natural. Cooling methods are also free of any chemical treatment such as degreening or accelerated ripening. The company is looking for commercial agency agreements and distribution services in order to have buying/selling operators promoting the new brand abroad.





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A.01.2.3Growing of citrus fruits

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the company owns a trade mark to commercialize blood oranges.

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Commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement are contemplated. The partner sought is a Buying/Selling operator.

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The company has customers from Poland and Germany

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