French company offers luxurious anti-pollution masks for distribution


Cities are more and more polluted and more and more citizens are suffering from pollution. As a result, a French SME based in Paris has developed a luxurious and durable anti-pollution mask for citizens who want to protect themselves outside. The ergonomic and fashionable mask has a filter which blocks out harmful pollutants. The company is looking for commercial agents and distributors especially in Asia and also offers itself as a subcontractor.

The main advantages of these innovative anti-pollution masks comparing to the existing ones are the following: they are fashionable, comfortable, secure and durable. The company is a brand of luxury pollution accessories 100% made in France by Parisian designers with high quality materials. They integrate a new filtering technology from Germany. The mask is durable: thanks to this new filtering technology, the pollution protection lasts at least one year based on pollution standards registered in a city as Beijing.

The air pollution in cities is a real scourge for our societies, and it causes many health problems. The existing anti-pollution masks are neither comfortable nor esthetic for a daily use in the cities. Most of the time, they are provided on construction sites or in medical environments, and are for a single use. The French company is involved in the sub-industry of the fashion and luxury goods and more precisely in the luxury anti-pollution devices. Its accessories 100% made in France are designed by Parisian stylists and made with prestigious materials as silk and crystals. Moreover, ecology is a central topic for the company: at the opposite of the current anti-pollution masks, the company wants indeed to offer soon a 100% recyclable product. After almost one year of R&D with a German partner and with Parisian designers the company has developed products that are now available on the market. The SME has already two offices in Paris and in Shanghai to cover Europe and Asia, it wants to reinforce its international presence. The company is looking for resellers and distributors that sell luxury goods, as well as sales agents. In addition to distributors, the company would be interested to work with other companies of the fashion industry interested in those masks. They have indeed developed white-label products and are able to manufacture high-quality anti-pollution accessories under another brand. They could then work under subcontracting agreements.





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The company is looking for partners having experience in dealing with luxury brands (luxury goods and retail as duty-free shops). The company is looking for commercial agents and distributors. In order to implement a stable partnership, exclusivity's agreements could be launched. The French company is still investing in promotion worldwide to increase the notoriety of the brand, so the partner will be helped by the French SME for the communication. The company is also interested in working with fashion companies interested in their products. They could manufacture masks under white label for these companies, thus working under subcontracting agreements

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