A French producer of point-of-use water filters is looking for a commercial agency agreement in the USA and Canada


The French SME manufactures a new generation of disposable point-of-use water filters. This filter can be installed in healthcare facilities and is put directly on all kind of water extraction devices (like faucets) to reduce risks of legionella, pseudomonas and any others waterborne pathogens. The company is looking for an agent to represent its products in the USA and Canada among hospitals and retirement homes.

Compared to conventional point-of-use filters, these filters have significant advantages: - 3 up to 4 times higher surface filtration - An innovative membrane filtration to reduce the risk of fiber clogging, - High flow rate at 3 bars - The filter can be used during 62 days which means less waste, less stock, less human labour to replace it.

Water is a key element in healthcare facilities, but at the same time it is a source of infection for patients or for the most vulnerable and fragile people. The French company is an innovative company specialized in monitoring and eradicating bacteria, viruses, fungi in water. They have developed a new generation of disposable point-of-use filters for healthcare facilities welcoming patients with weakened immune system, such as patients who have had skin grafts, organ transplants or cancer treatment. As the device is located very close to the point of use, the water quality can be checked permanently. The company already commercializes its products among Europe and wants to extend its market to the USA and Canada. They have already some contacts in the USA and want to strengthen their commercial presence.





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The company is looking for a commercial agency agreement with partners involved in the healthcare sector in the USA and Canadian markets.

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