Producer of high-quality silica seeks partners in the field of water treatment technologies


A German company producing high-quality silica sand, filter sand and quartz gravel is looking for business partners for developing projects in which the product will be used as filter media. These projects could include e.g. the treatment of polluted drinking water, wastewater treatment, pool water processing, well construction or seawater desalination. The desired form of cooperation could be a joint-venture agreement or a manufacturing agreement.

The company's products fulfill the requirements of several quality standards, among those DIN EN 12904 treatment of drinking water, DIN EN 15798 swimming and bathing pool water treatment and DIN 4924 filter sand and gravel for well construction. The products could also be used in the transport industry as the company offers a grain structure according to BN 918 224 of Deutsche Bahn AG, that means the grain form is edge-rounded and the material is dry with a residual moisture content of <0.1%. Special matched grading curves are in place.

The offering company is a leading privately owned construction company in Germany and a significant producer of mineral raw materials. The company extracts raw material – sand and gravel, silica sand and quartz gravel – at several locations in Germany and industrial mineral vermiculite in Bulgaria. Using a range of high grade silica sand, the company produces a wide variety of products that are sold to the manufacturing, water treatment, construction and foundry industries. The products are regularly used in the manufacturing of paint and mortar for various industrial applications such as track or recreational sands (artificial turf, riding ground, sport fields, golf courses and beach volleyball arenas) and many more. The company is now offering its product - high quality silica sand, filter sand and quartz gravel - to research organisations, companies or other organisations that are active in the field of water treatment. The targeted project partners should be able to apply the product in technological solutions that make use of the benefits of the filtering characteristics of the product. The solutions could be on-site projects (e.g. a saltwater desalination plant) or mobile facilities that could be transported to the respective site of use. The supply of the offered silica sand (wet and dry) in bulk form (silo trucks) is possible including filling. The kind of cooperation sought is ranging from a joint-venture agreement, including the joint marketing of filtering solutions, to a manufacturing agreement including the use of the product and its benefits in third party solutions.





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The company is looking for partners from research or industry, that are active in the area of water treatment technologies. The partner should be able to use the product in technological solutions that aim on the treatment of water in different applications like drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, the processing of pool water, well construction and drilling holes or seawater desalination. The type of partner could range from an applied research institute to any company with technological knowledge of water treatment that would use the product as a filter medium in order to (jointly) develop or produce novel market solutions in this field.

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