A Brazilian industry manufacturer of hair cosmetics is looking for commercial partners and distributors.


A Brazilian company manufacturer of shampoos, hair conditioners, moisturizing masks for domestic and professional use is looking for commercial partners and distributors interested in distributing its products in the EU market, but also worldwide.

-All products are paraben free and formol free -All the collections are completely made in Brazil -Cruelty-free cosmetics (not tested on animal) -The products come with self-explained texts for easy comprehension of all required information for the mode of use. -The 1L product has to be applied by a professional because it is highly concentrated and requires extra expertise to achieve the whole efficiency of the treatment. In the meanwhile the 300mL product is destined to only maintain the treatment and can be applied at home by a non-professional.

A Brazilian manufacturer of shampoos, hair conditioners, moisturizing masks for domestic and professional use, with headquarters in Fortaleza, a coastline city in the Northeast, is looking to sell its product to the EU market and other countries. The company is a family owned business operating in the Brazilian market for about 28 years. The company began its activities with the production of perfumes, but today focuses mainly on salon professional hair care products and can produce up to 40.000 shampoos per day. Until now the company concentrated its efforts to supply to the internal market ensuring high-end services and products. As part of a strategic growth plan the company is ready to expand its market abroad. Product Lines - Professional Hair Care Lines - Wine Treatment Hair Care - Hair Tech Argan Oil - BB cream hair To facilitate its access into the international market the company is looking to establish: - Distribution agreement in order to distribute its product to a large number of drugstores, department store, specialized stores and such; - Commercial agreement in order to sell its products to the foreign market.





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07004002Health and beauty aids

C.20.4.2Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations

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The Brazilian company is looking for importers, distributors, wholesalers specialized in cosmetics to work under a distribution agreements contract (i.e. commercial partners who will buy and sell its products on their respective markets). The commercial partners should be well-introduced to the following points of sales: shops and supermarkets, fair trade shops, spas and beauty shops, hygiene products shops…The commercial partners will have to implement the brand and to build up the products’ image on their respective markets and to introduce the products to the targeted points of sales. Ideally, the distributors must have a significant sales force and be able to support the marketing and promotion of the products on their respective markets: participation in trade fairs, promotional campaigns, demonstration...The distributor can also have a retail website in order to commercialize the products online. The company is also willing to hire a commercial agent to represent the company abroad. The partner has to have his own network and his own sales force. The Brazilian company is offering competitive price and technical support and assistance.

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