A Slovak pharmaceutical company specialised in ophthalmic products is looking for distributors and marketing partners


A Slovak pharmaceutical company specialised in the development and production of generic ophthalmologic products is looking for distributors, marketing partners and agents to represent and sell its products abroad.

- more than 21 years of experience in a pharmaceutical industry - specialisation in a specific segment - combination of an experience as a producer and a marketing company - production of new and innovative products each year - production capacity up to 10 million bottles per year - all the offered products produced in accordance with a good manufacturing practice (GMP) quality and the EU guidelines - all the marketing materials in compliance with the EU directives - recent transition of well-marketed eye drops from older type of bottles to new preservative free bottles achieved thanks to the cooperation with a German supplier. The result is an increased comfort for patients and eye drops can stay open und thus used much longer. - nutrition supplements composed of natural ingredients and thus can be promoted as 100% natural products - its composition follows recent scientific research - none of other producers has such products on a market so far which is an important comparative advantage

A Slovak company is based in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. A family-owned company was established in 1994 and since then has been rapidly developing in terms of produced products and covered markets. A company‘s activities are aimed at a development and production of first-class generic ophthalmologic products, medical devices and nutrition supplements. All the three groups of products are offered for a possible future cooperation partners. Medical devices and nutrition supplements are available for the introduction on all targeted foreign markets and can be promoted as a daily care for eyes as well as a solution to basic eye disorders. A company prefers a cooperation with distributors or promotion companies and wholesalers to conclude a distribution services or a commercial agency agreement. A company´s product portfolio is offered to widen a foreign partner´s portfolio of distributed or promoted products. The distribution company as a possible partner should fulfil all requirements of good distribution practice. And cover at least 70% of the targeted market. The ideal partner for cooperation would be also the wholesaler which can promote a company´s products through its existing marketing and sales force unit. A long-term experience and existing sales force unit would be a significant advantage.





05005002Ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat diseases
05007002Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

C.21.1.0Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products

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A company has a registered trade mark on its products at the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic.

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A Slovak company is seeking for business partners such as distributors, marketing companies that are interested in promoting and selling the company`s pharmaceutical products as well as agents to represent its products. The potential business partner should have good customer relations and experience in a promotion and selling of pharmaceutical products.

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