The company active in the field of information technology and software development (e.g. automation of internal processes, management of information, system integration) offers its services throught subcontracting or services agreement


The Slovak company focused on IT solutions for databases systems and for work flow and managing of administrative processes is providing professional services - automation of internal processes, management of information or system integration - via services agreement. The company is looking for a customer to develop a software solution according to his/her specific needs. The company would also like to offer its services via subcontracting.

- individual approach, reasonable prices, professionalism. - cost savings as a result od automation of internal processes - reducing of faultiness - streamline of information flows - improving of efficiency through modification of poorly designed or poorly operating processes - feedback to the managing processes - secure storage of information - information will be available just to co-workers involved in their processing - better functioning administration - reduction of administration - acceleration and simplyfication of changes in the organization

Company was founded in 2006 with a clear idea of providing professional, yet affordable services in information technology and software development tailored to the needs of the customer. The typical customers of this company are financial institutions, telecommunication companies and private companies. Information systems that company implements are mainly aimed to support and improve the customer's management of life cycle of electronic documents, collaboration and the business process management. The company offers wide range of services: - Sofware solutions: Automation of internal processes, e.g.: Attendance, Vacations, Business Trips, Purchase approval (budgetary and extra-budgetary spending), Meetings, Tasks, Approval of internal policies and standards, Incoming invoices, Records Management (RM), Mail room, Organizational Structure. - Publishing and management of information: Document Management Systems (DMS) - Systems for management of documentation are used to maintain corporate documentation, which is stored in a single place in carefully defined hierarchical and logical structure. The system provides general functionality such as indexing needed for full text search, control of access rights to documents, the safe storage for large data sets, which may in addition be secured by encryption. Content Management Systems / Editorial Systems (CMS) - Editorial systems enable staff responsible for publishing the information to prepare the content without the knowledge of information technology behind. The information is transformed into final form automatically using pre-defined design patterns and templates, which are common to various parts of the system. The target format is typically a web presentation. CRM - It provides information on basic customer data, contains a complete track of communication such as telephone conversations, minutes of meetings, email correspondence, order history, bids, or lists of provided goods and services. Working with customers is greatly improved, faster, effective, and more reliable. Information from different systems is available as well. The essential part of the CRM implementation is integration with existing systems and consolidation of customer data. - System integration: Integration of information systems - A system integration project can define how individual information systems should and applications communicate, what data will be shared by the systems and which system will be primarily responsible for managing the specific kind of data. Portals - Portal provides uniform user authentication, management of access to applications, unified way of working with applications, user interface personalization – „different portal for each user“, full text search and many other functions. It is possible to build new applications in the portal environment and consolidate available data such as reports and statistics. In software development the company works closely with the customers, who are always an important part of the project team. Each phase of the project is divided into iterations. Each iteration of the standard project is realized in the following sequence: • Business Vision • Feasibility Study • Analysis • Solution Architecture • Solution Design • Implementation • Testing and Documentation • Deployment • System Support • Implementation of Change Requests The company is looking for a customer to develop a software solution according to his/her specific needs. The company is also looking for sofware company, for which it could work as a subcontractor.





01003008Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
01003010Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
01004008Other data communications
01004009CRM - Customer relationship Management
01004015ICM – Internet Content Management

01004008Other data communications
02007002Database and file management
02007008Business and office software
02007015Integrated software

J.62.0.1Computer programming activities
J.63.1.1Data processing, hosting and related activities

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Type: industry - company Field of activity: sofware company (in case of subcontracting) or financial institutions, telecommunication companies and private companies or other companies interested in automation of internal processes (in case od services agreement). Role of partner: - services agreement - The client is looking for a customer to whom he can develop a software solution according to the specific needs - subcontracting - the client is looking for software companies for which he could work for as a subcontractor.

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