Danish based, international technical service provider and subcontractor in electrical installation and commissioning seeks partners in Germany


A Danish technical service provider specialized in all electrical work including installation, maintenance, repair and commissioning of industrial machinery, conveyor and logistics systems etc is looking for partners in Germany and offers to work as a subcontractor. The company has extensive experience carrying out works for the offshore oil and gas industry, the offshore wind power industry as well as in the industrial automation business.

The company has a niche approach in the electrical services industry and aims to cater for larger companies wanting to get more manpower flexibility in their operations. The company discovered that combining Scandinavian business culture and social responsibility policies with the expertise of the Polish professionals has been effective in many countries around the world. The company's employees allow any business struggling with increased demand to improve flexibility at short notice. They can be quickly mobilized and sent to a project anywhere in the world. They have broad experience in electrical work, including mechanical, residential and industrial construction as well as automation, and they have a documented success in completing projects within the deadline. The technicians hold all the necessary authorizations and certificates and comply with all health and safety regulations.

The Danish company established in 2004 performs electrical installations in accordance with German health, safety and quality standards with electricians and engineers from Poland. The combination of professional Polish installers, combined with Scandinavian culture appears to function effectively in many regions. The company works within three main business areas: - Industrial Automation In the industrial automation market, and especially the automotive industry, the tasks have been electrical and mechanical installations and commissioning in buildings and industrial facilities. Other tasks have been installation of production management systems in production companies and installation of conveyor and large-scale sorting and logistics systems. The end-customers include amongst others automobile manufacturers, postal service organisations and toy producers - Oil and Gas Another area of expertise is offshore oil and gas sector where the company has provided market leaders with replacement and upgrade of electrical and automation systems, replacement of motors and engines and renewal of complete wiring on offshore installations. - Wind Power Finally, in offshore wind power sector, the company has supplied electrical and mechanical services, from design and engineering to retrofit and repair in partnership together with another company providing project management and engineering. To that purpose, the company has trained all their employees in the standards and in the requirements of western European clients. For every task the company forms a group of electricians, mechanics and engineers, and an experienced project manager is responsible for the project. Since the company started in 2004, it has performed tasks in all the Scandinavian countries as well as several other European countries. The company is certified under Achilles and Sellihca (pre-qualification for working with utilities sectors) and has current H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) and ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) certificates. The company offers to work as a subcontractor and is looking for partners in Germany. New partners are expected to be companies that need professionals for performing electrical or mechanical installations are are likely to be in the industrial automation sectors or working in offshore industries.





06001002Production services
06003003Wind energy
08002007Other industrial automation
08003002Hoists, cranes and conveyors
08003007Other industrial equipment and machinery

C.33.2.0Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
F.43.2.1Electrical installation

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New partners are expected to be or to know companies that need professionals for performing electrical or mechanical installations. The potential partner might offer parts of, or whole turn key solutions within oil

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Industry SME 50-249

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Certifications (cont.) - Achilles pre-qualified - Sellihca qualified - BOSIET/HUET-certified staff with a high level of English. - H2S-certified staff - ATEX certificates - Hot works certificates - Country-specific certificates (VCA, FSE etc.)

20 - 50M