A Turkish company specialized in manufacturing water pressure and expansion tanks is looking for distributors.


A leading Turkish company specialized in manufacturing pre-pressurized expansion&pressure tanks, hot water systems´ tanks-boilers is looking for distributors for its products.

*The company is a global producer and exports its products to more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, Far East, Middle East, South-North America and other markets. *The company offers high quality products as a result of using best quality materials, high quality service, own production, competitive prices, know-how and experience.

The company is a global key-producer of various type of pre-pressurized expansion&pressure tanks, hot water systems´ tanks-boilers and EPDM/Butyl Membranes for booster/hydrophore - reverse osmosis – solar -heating applications. The company offers its products at wide product range starting from 2 ltr up to 10.000 ltr in 10,16 and 25 bar working pressure ratings .. Additionally, the company can supply from 2lt up to 40.000 lt EPDM/Butly and high temperature resistance ( up to 130 0C) Solar Membranes for world market .. All the company´s tanks and membranes have been designed fully in Europe with the latest technology and innovative concept. The company´s tanks´ series are ranked as: *Interchangeable membrane tanks series; (heating series tanks, potable series water tanks, solar series tanks, high pressure series tanks) *Fixed membrane tank series; (potable water series tanks, heating series tanks, solar series tanks, metal body reverse osmosis series tanks) *Plastic RO tanks *EPDM / BUTLY and special high temperature resistance membranes. *EDS hot water tank/boiler series; (buffer tanks, buffer tank with solar serpentines, hygienic hot water tank, hygienic hot water tank with solar serpentines) *Accessories for bolster-heating-solar systems The company is looking for distributors for its water pressure and expansion tanks.





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The company is looking for distributors and long term cooperation with partners that are active and experienced in related field. Potential partners should be passionate and have knowledge of the market.

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