A Lithuanian company, specialized in trading architectural concrete slabs, is looking for distributors


A Lithuanian company, trading architectural concrete slabs, is looking for agents, representatives, distributors. Potential partner could be an agent, a wholesale company or a retail network of concrete, interior products who could arrange the distribution of company’s products abroad.

The company is ready to offer all the help and support for the potential client helping them to enter the foreign market. The company is reliable, competent and flexible and interested in creating the mutually beneficial cooperation with the partner company. The company constantly improves and develops new products. Professional services and quality is being assured. The company can offer transport services too. The products of the company are: Strong, durable, long lasting, made from excellent quality material and designed for almost any application. A variety of forms can be offered to a potential partner. The products have special certificates that meet the standard EN-13813.

Architectural concrete is an excellent finishing material with good performance. The panels, reinforced with fiberglass, are ideal for both internal and facade decoration. These are characterized by high resistance to temperature changes, for absorption of humidity. Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 1,8 cm (other dimensions are also available by request). Weight: ~ 26 kg. Colours: antique white, concrete gray, shadow gray, graphite. Temperature resistance: from - 20 ° C to + 60 ° C max. The maximum filling diameter: 4.00 mm. Resistance to pressure ?40 N / mm² Bending ? 7.0 N / mm². The company actively works with the local partners in the market of the Republic of Belarus, Poland and Lithuania. The company cooperates with organizations in designing and construction of commercial projects as well as individual dwelling houses. Currently the Lithuanian company is planning to expand its markets abroad, therefore is interesting in finding agents, representatives, distributors in the European market.





09003004Distributors, imports and wholesalers

G.46.1Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
G.46.1.9Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods

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The company is interested in cooperation with a trade intermediary (agent, representative or distributor). All markets are interesting. Potential partners could be a wholesale company or a retail network of concrete, interior products who could arrange the distribution of company’s products abroad. It is flexible while discussing about the requirements and expectations of the potential partner, though it is preferred that the future partner is experienced in this sphere, stable, having its goals and objectives to development of product’s range and open for discussion about possible cooperation forms. Agent is expected to have good contacts with local networks or chains and willingness to act as a local key contact for the company. The company will provide all the information necessary for product distribution.

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