Greek company in the beekeeping sector, producing a patented innovative beehive lid is looking for distributors


A Greek company specialized in the production and commercialization of beekeeping equipment and supplies, beekeeping medicines and vitamins, clinical - laboratory examination of bees and brood, chemical analysis of honey and honey standardization and producing a patented innovative beehive lid is looking for distributors.

A patented beehive lid This patent, by lowering the production costs (reduction of working hours), by increasing the production and by producing healthier products, contributes to beekeeping and makes the beekeeper more competitive and sustainable in the International market. The smoker is not needed any more, except when you need to pull the trays out from the beehive. All work can be done even under adverse weather conditions and at any time (even during night hours) without smoking. 1. Better insulation of the beehive 2. Proper and better ventilation 3. Easy and cost-efficient building of honeycombs off-season of the nectar secretion, which allows the beekeeper to have pure bee waxes at minimum cost every year 4. Direct and quick check of the interior of the beehive. 5. Very fast disease diagnosis and thus prevention of their contagion 6. Reduction of medicines use 7. Avoidance of unnecessary opening of the beehive 8. 90% reduction of the beekeeper's work at the apiary 9. 30-130% production increase (due to reduced consumption of honey during the maturation, to non- smoking and to better organization of the colony of bees) 10. Production of healthier products since the smoking and the drug use are significantly decreased 11. Rapid growth of the population of the swarm of bees by at least 40% 12. Prevention of looting (the lid is not being removed during work) 13. Easy and quick deposition of solid and liquid food or water with simultaneous direct and quick check of the colony of bees (inspection) 14. Respect for the rules of the bees’ welfare and improvement in the microclimate of the beehive

The company, activated in the beekeeping sector, is seated in the heart of Peloponnese and was founded by a veterinarian, graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specialized in beekeeping and bees’ pathology. In 2012 the company moved to more contemporary facilities with HACCP and ISO certification. The company exclusively provides a beehive lid , an invention protected by a registered patent, liquid multivitamins, bees foods, liquid food (syrup), a special insulating and sealing paint for beehives, an aromatic pheromone and a list of other products for beekeeping. The Greek company is looking for distributors for its products, especially its patented beehive lid. Potential partners could be companies trading agricultural and beekeeping equipment, beekeeping supply shops.





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This patent was awarded a "Golden Diploma" in the International Exhibition of Patents which was held in Geneva of Switzerland.

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The company is looking for distributors on EU market and is especially interested in working with distributors of beekeeping equipment.

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