Bulgarian IT company provides outsourcing/nearshoring of software development, support and monitoring of business-critical systems and IT consulting


Bulgarian IT company, specialized in Microsoft Tech (.NET, C#, SQL Server) provides outsourcing/nearshoring of software development, support and monitoring of business-critical systems and IT consulting. The company offers industry-grade quality and security for financial institutions (commercial & central banks, credit bureaus, business registries). The company is looking for possibilities to act as a subcontractor or to provide outsourcing services.

The company operates in the most financially-competitive country for outsourcing in the EU and offers the following advantages: substantial cost reductions; instant access to a dedicated talent pool; the flexibility to quickly upsize or scale-down operations; improved quality thanks to International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®-Certified Quality Control); higher productivity through scrum-based development led by certified scrum masters; excellent administration using Atlassian tools, such as Confluence, JIRA, Tempo timesheets and BitBucket; protection of contracts and IP thanks to a EU-harmonized legal system.

The company has been established in 2012 by a team of IT specialists and software developers. Currently, the main activities of the company take place in Bulgaria and the company is willing to extend their business operations abroad. The main activities the company carries are the following: Information technology outsourcing (ITO) / Business process outsourcing (BPO) consulting: the company advises their IT partners and end-clients on the feasibility of outsourcing their software development or business processes. They help the client to set up the outsourcing process on their side and provide them with on-going support and troubleshooting. Requirements engineering: the company helps their clients to define their requirements and the corresponding acceptance criteria, which become the basis for the user acceptance testing (UAT). They conduct rigorous management of requirements in English or German, using 'Specification by Example'. Software development: .NET, C#, SQL server applications, following agile methodologies (Scrum & Kanban) and ISTQB-certified quality control processes. Systems maintenance: the company has expertise in maintenance and development of legacy systems and databases. Systems integration: the company integrates internal systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, payroll & attendance systems, Atlassian integrations. IT support: the company offers service- level agreement (SLA) with up to 24/7 coverage and immediate response time. Monitoring: the company provides automated and human-assisted real-time monitoring services for the business-critical systems. The company proposes the following cooperation models: • The company’s developers and analysts working on assignments from clients, as an off-site expansion of the client’s team (to deliver faster/better, etc.) • The company dedicates resources to the client’s internal back office IT work (non-core tasks, jobs the client doesn’t have the staff for, or when the client wants to free up their expensive specialists for other tasks, etc.) • The company can subcontract work from the client (to fill up competency gaps, to handle peak workload periods, to help the client win tenders, etc.) Each scenario substantially reduces the client’s budget for salaries, benefits and bonuses and allows him/her to grow without increasing his/her office space, hardware, licenses, management overhead and other typical employer costs. The company is interested in long-term partnerships, but is also open to initial trials and short-term engagements. Possibilities for cooperation include subcontracting or provision of outsourcing services.





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The product of the company targets providers of financial services such as financial institutions (commercial & central banks, credit bureaus, business registries) and others. The company is open to consider subcontracting possibilities or to provide outsourcing services. There is also the possibility to provide initial trials of their services in terms of short- term engagements.

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