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A Danish SME develops and manufactures a series of versatile and highly energy efficient products within reflective insulation. The basic products can be used to insulate under the roof, on walls and floors. The products are currently sold in Denmark and Norway and now the SME is looking for an agent in several European countries to expand their business.

The basic product was originally developed by NASA for use in the space program in the 1960-1970 and has after that been used in the building industry in America. The Danish SME has the rights to sell the basic reflective insulation product all over Europe and they also have the rights to develop products from the basic product for different purposes. A variety of products are designed from the basic products which can be used for many other purposes. It is easy to make new designs from the basic product and a lot of new product ideas are under consideration. The reflective insulation is a supplement to for instances Rockwool and if it’s combined with rockwool, it will keep the heat inside the house during the winter and the heat out of the house in the summer. With other words, it slows down the heat transmission in the rockwool insulation, if reflective insulation is mounted in front and behind the rockwool insulation. It will mainly be used as an independent re-insulation in buildings and other places where other insulation materials not traditionally is being used. It can be in basements, outbuildings, greenhouses, caravans and in tents etc. A future partner will have the possibility to offer a brand new way to make insulation which will give new solutions within insulation to the agents' customers.

The SME is a small Danish company with skills in building insulation and they develop and manufacture a series of versatile and highly energy efficient products within reflective insulation. The basic product is a reflective insulation material, which can be used within the building industry. From the basic products several new products are designed for a variety of different applications. All the products have excellent specifications for insulation and are made of reflective material combined with another insulation material. The products are developed in cooperation with a partner. The basic products is easy to handle, simple to install and has space-saving benefits, which makes their patented products one of the most popular supplies for modern construction. One basic reflective insulation is made of two layers of aluminium foil on each side of a polyethylene air bubble foil. There are 3 other kind of basic products. The products can be used in all places where you need insulation either to keep things or people warm or to keep things cold. By using the basic product, energy consumption can be minimised and therefore it has a good impact on the environment. Within the building industry it can be used in roofs, under the floors, on walls, around pipes, insulation of air condition, insulation of containers of hot water etc. It can also be used to keep things cold such as a whole ice stadium, where it can reduce energy consumption. They are looking for an agent in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, France and Spain to sell the products. For the right agent there is a great possibility of creating a good income.





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The SME is looking for an agent with a solid network within the building industry to market and sell the unique reflective insulation products. Partners would typically be commercial agents in the construction sector selling directly to wholesalers and DIY retailers who sell materials directly to the end user. The products are currently sold in Denmark and Norway and the intention in the long run is to sell it all over Europe. As a preliminary decision they are looking for an agent in the following countries; Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, France and Spain. The agent will have the exclusive rights to sell the products in specified geographic areas or the whole country depending on the agreed contract. A potential partner with the right network can make a good turnover and benefit from this cooperation.

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Belgium France Germany Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Spain

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The product is allowed as insulation material and all the products is CE marked. The insulation value for one of their products (R values): R-value down: 14.5 R-value Horizontal: 7.31 R-value up: 4.9 Further information can be supplied upon request.



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