Polish company offers comprehensive service in range of industry automation and the design and construction of machines


A West-Pomeranian company offers complex services in industry automation and robotics, vision system, the design and construction of machines as well as in IML (in-mold-label) robots. Its expertise, knowledge and experience in the industry allows it to provide innovative and high quality services. The company offers subcontracting agreement for partners in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

- long term experience - over 10 years in the industry - engineering knowledge - competitive prices - providing high quality products

The Polish company engaged in industrial automation as well as in the design and construction of machines offers its services. The offer includes different areas of engineering including: • Industrial Automation: - the design and construction of electrical control cabinets (control of plants and equipment); - PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming; - programming the operator panels (human machine interface); - launching machines and technological lines; - the creation of wiring diagrams; • Industrial Robotics: - the design and construction of grippers and manipulators for industrial robots; - the design and construction of palletizing systems using industrial robots • Vision systems: - product inspection based on vision system - the design and construction of stations for products automatic inspection • Machines' design and construction: - the design of machines and technological lines - construction of machines and production lines; - the creation of technical documentation including technical drawings and instructions; • IML robots: - Construction of finished robots, label containers and robots’ grippers for IML technology. The company has over 10 years-long experience in the industry and it puts attention to the quality of its products. Cooperation in a form of subcontracting for partners in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden is offered.





03008004Other electronics related (including alarm systems)
08002005Machine vision software and systems
08002007Other industrial automation
09004008Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

C.28.1.5Manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements
C.28.9.9Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.
C.33.2.0Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
M.71.1.2Engineering activities and related technical consultancy

İş Birliği

Field of partner's activity: industry Type of partner sought: manufacturers of machines and technology lines that are looking for solutions in range of control systems as well as producers who use industrial robots and IML technology in their production processes Role of partner sought: engaging the company as a subcontractor in design and construction process of machines, robots and systems

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