The Lithuanian SME is looking for commercial agency or distribution agreements with the agriculture industry and manufacturers or organizations to sell high quality agriculture products (a priority to Europe)


A Lithuanian wholesaler SME offers a full range of agriculture products such as beans, peas, wheat, nuts and etc. The products meet the European Union established standards and have their own inspection analysis. The SME is looking for commercial or distribution agreements with the agriculture industry companies, organizations or purchase / sales agents, who have access to the agriculture industry worldwide with a priority to Europe.

Lithuanian company has broad relations and is working with the European Union famous agriculture manufacturing enterprises. The SME has a wide assortment of products but can also respond and find solutions to specific costumer demands. The company has high quality employees with long term experience in agricultre sector. We are able to recognise and select high quality products followed by European standart. Each product is carefully investigated and we can assure our partners with clear results by providing them analysis report or give a sample for their own investigation. Companys competent team are ready to assist you with any question or query.

The company has excellent ability to provide high-quality nutritional white beans and red beans. General information: Moisure: ~13,2%, Admixture: ~0.22%, Inperfect: 0.63%. Beans are very high quality, test on pesticides shows <0.01%. Nutritional bean characteristics: 1. White Bean possible group: a) From 7 mm to 8 mm (~ 230 units - 100 g.); b) From 9+ mm (~160 units -100g.) 2. Red Bean group - small (~ 350 units - 100 g) Bean Packaging - polypropylene bags of 25 kg. on Euro pallet - 800 kg., 32 bags. Independent laboratory is carried out bean research on pesticides. The results could be sent to partners, if they’re willing. Company can also give examples of beans for partners’ inspection analysis.





07001004Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes

09003004Distributors, imports and wholesalers

G.46.3.1Wholesale of fruit and vegetables

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Type of partner: sales representatives/agency, manufacturer of canned or other nutritional products, various organizations and etc. Field of activity partner: any activity related with food production or agriculture products processing, trade, consumption. Role of partner: The client SME looks for commercial or distribution agreements directly with companies or agents those are willing of agriculture products.

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