Chocolate speciality containing nutritious ingredients


A Hungarian company has developed a product which is chocolate and nutrients in one formula, with real chocolate and nutritious elements, vitamins etc. The targeted markets are people with stress, sportsmen, children, and all consumers who like chocolate and value health. The company is looking for cooperation with commercial agencies and also open to license agreements.

- Solution to have 2 in 1, because an excellent chocolate and for example a mineral or vitamin source together - Combination and know-how available for milk, white and black chocolate in traditional and energy reduced versions

The Hungarian company has existed for 20 years where the main activities were a variety of trade and innovation services. The owners have now focused on one of their innovations which is a chocolate with nutrients. The chocolate family has an excellent chocolate flavour and a variety of different nutrient contents. In the product family there are milk, white, black, filled or bar variety and traditional or calory-reduced formulae. The chocolate products are classified as food products but are recommended to people seeking a healthier lifestyle, managers, workers and students under stress. The product is also promising for adults with children who are not willing or able to swallow tablets or capsules, but who need the mineral content. The product range is still being expanded. The company is looking for mostly well-developed markets where the awareness of nutrients is high and preferably also with a high chocolate consumption level. They are ideally looking for a commercial agent who can help bring the product to market and who has experience of working with patented products of this type. They are also open to discussions on sale of the user rights of the patent under a license agreement.





07003002Health food
09003007Other services (not elsewhere classified)

G.46.9.0Non-specialised wholesale trade
M.70.2.2Business and other management consultancy activities
M.74.9.0Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.

İş Birliği

Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted)

One of the aims is to utilize the patent (or know-how) in the best way possible. The potential partner need to realize the value of this novelty, the large market potential and profit /investment rate. Depends on the type of cooperation the partner must provide his/her serious intention (contract, licence fee, commission etc.). Without secrecy agreement the company does not give out any detail information. The company would like to base a long time cooperation. If the potential partner will cooperate according to company ideas they give them all rights.

SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250

The company is not manufacturing yet, so regarding the design and packaging they are opened to cooperate.

Prototype available for demonstration




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Early time this was a second company of the owners, and mainly used for intermediary business activity and also to start realization of new ideas even innovations. Each of the two owners have more than 20 years experience in the food market and the healthy lifestyle market. In the past they have 2 other own patent and 3 in another company. Also there is a 20 years of international trade skill.



License agreement Commercial agency agreement