Spanish sauces manufacturer looking for importers/dealers/wholesales agents in Europe


Spanish manufacturer of sauces for Horeca (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) with more than 30 years of experience is looking for importers/dealers/wholesales for a distribution agreement in Europe. With a catalogue of 60 references they can also develop sauces accordingly to clients' needs. The sauces have a long shelf-life & all can be store at room temperature. They are now launching a new line of gourmet products they want to promote internationally with a partner in the retail sector.

1.Wide range of products: 60 references 2.Capacity to personalise/customize and tailor products according to clients’ needs 3.Long Shelf-life (30 months-tin,18 months-plastic) 4.Variety of packaging(sizes and formats) 5.Only use of natural local ingredients: no transgenic 6.Almost 40 years of experience 7.All of their products can be stored at room temperature.

Spanish company, with almost 40 years of experience, specialised in manufacturing sauces for the hotel and restaurant sector and the food industry is looking for importers, wholesales agents and retail dealers to expand their business in Europe via distribution agreement. They are also looking for gourmet retails dealers to launch their new gourmet line. The company pays great attention when selecting each of the ingredients they use, purchasing local, fresh products that guarantee a good end result. One example of this is that the tomatoes, onions, peppers, cheeses and all the other products that they use are completely natural. They do not use genetically modified ingredients or containing transgenic organisms. Their wide range catalogue of finished sauces includes: salad dressings (Cesar, blue cheese, yogurt, vinaigrettes, cocktail, etc.), meat sauces (Aioli, Brava, Brown, Romesco, Chimichurri, red kebab, honey and mustard, mint, green pepper, apple, etc.), fish sauces (tartar, dill, thousand island, and green ), pasta and pizza sauces (Bolognese, vegetarian Bolognese, Carbonara, Napolitan, tomato, Pesto, Carbonara, etc.), Mexican and Tex Mex sauces (barbecue, honey barbecue, smoke barbecue, homemade, cheddar cream, cheddar, cheddar sauce with jalapeno, Mexican, sour cream, Ranchera, Schizophrenic, and tacos), oriental sauces (sweet and sour, curry, soy, and Thai), cooking base sauces (dressing roasted, béchamel, demi-glace, meatballs, liquid smoke hickory marinade, Louisiana marinade hot, teriyaki marinade extra, and turkey), desert and sweet sauces (butterscotch – cajeta, hot caramel fudge, hot chocolate fudge, white hot cacao, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, chocolate topping, and soft natural). In regards of forms of presentation of their products, the company has a wide range of packaging (sizes and formats) for the optimal storage of each of their sauces, with a long shelf-life: • Their canned sauces (cans with a porcelain lining) have a two and a half-year shelf-life as they are subject to a carefully controlled sterilisation process, so that the product can maintain the same properties as the very first day. • In plastic, the package in a protective atmosphere (nitrogen), and can offer an eighteen-month shelf-life. They also have the capacity of manufacturing specially made sauces for companies that need highly specific products and/or produce under the clients’ brand.





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They are looking for importers and wholesales agents of the Food Industry in Europe specialised and with clients in the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering) sector. They should have a good network and good knowledge of the sector in their region to be able to transmit this to the company and provide with the best product in every case. They are also looking for retails dealers to launch their new gourmet line. They should have a good network of contacts and clients in the gourmet sector.

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