Barcelona food technology consultancy SME offers its expertise and facilities for food product testing under outsourcing and subcontracting agreement


Barcelona based (Spain) SME offers its services as food technologists to research groups/companies in need to implement or to apply the result of their food products research and also offers its facilities and equipment for pilot scale testing. They can provide innovative technological solutions to complement product development. The company has a great experience in food formulation and processing for different industrial food products. They are open to outsourcing/subcontracting agreements.

1.Broad knowledge on food ingredients, additives and processing (20 years of expertise) 2.Small scale equipment for food processing. 3.Expertise in new food products development. 4.Close contact with food processing industries. 5.Dynamic and motivated team. 6.Expertise as RTD in 7FP.

Barcelona (Spain) based food technology consultancy with more than 20 years of experience. The company’s facilities are ideal to test the new developments under industrial like conditions. The company’s know-how on food formulation and production can be of interest for researchers or new product developers. This SME offers a unique possibility to evaluate potential applications and to perform pilot productions of different food products. The main domain fields are meat and fish products, convenience food, dairy products, soups and sauces, bakery, ready to use powder mixes, functional systems including ingredients and/or additives. The facilities offered by the company are: •Pilot plant for meat products (meat grinder, bowl cutter, mixer, injector, vacuum tumbler, sausage stuffer, drying cabin, etc.) •Pilot plant for milk, soups, or sauces (heated mixer tank, tubular pasteurizer, 2 steps homogenization, chilled storage tank, freezer, etc.) •Other pilot plant equipment (blade cutters, Stephan, ball mill, filters, industrial cooking kettle, autoclave, etc.) The company has participated as "research technology development" (RTD) in 7th Framework Program (FP) and in many projects in Spain, and is open to collaborate with European Union companies or institutions as partners in European Union projects or as subcontracted services. The company thinks that their expertise and know how can help many companies to archive their goals in the developing process of new products. Therefore, the company is offering its services, facilities, and equipment to companies and research groups to companies. They are open to outsourcing/subcontracting agreements with these potential partner.





08001002Homogeneous injections/extrusions
08001005Other fabricated plastics

05008002Food and feed ingredients
05009001Food & feed ingredients
07003002Health food

C.10.1.1Processing and preserving of meat
C.10.5.1Operation of dairies and cheese making
I.56.2.9Other food service activities
M.71.2.0Technical testing and analysis

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The company seeks a partner concerned with the development of new food products, functional and bioactive ingredients and in need of assistance from an experienced company in innvoation on food sector, with a pilot plant, facilities, and equipment to carry out tests on finished product.

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