Spanish brand of boxing equipment seeks distributors in France and Uk


Spanish (Catalan) designer and manufacturer of boxing equipment among other disciplines related to martial arts training and contact sports is seeking distributors in France and UK to establish a commercial agreement.

Almost 30 years of experience in martial arts related sports Own designs

Spanish (catalan) company, established in Barcelona since 1987, designer and manufacturer of boxing equipment for male and female among other disciplines such as mix martial arts (MMA), Muay Thai and Kick Boxing. Products are originating from Thailand, cradle of many of these arts, ensuring high quality and resistant materials due to its experience and expertise. The company nationally very well-known, offers boxing equipment such as boxing garments, boxing gloves, boxing protection, boxing shoes, boxing punch bags, boxing pads, boxing accessories, boxing rings and tatamis. They design their own collections of fashion wear, adapted to the intensive boxing training, making its garments almost exclusive. The company, usual sponsor of boxing matches, wants to open new markets to expand its business and that’s why they are seeking distributors in France and UK to establish a long term relationship.





07001004Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes
07001005Sport facilities (gyms and clubs)

C.14.1.3Manufacture of other outerwear
G.47.7.1Retail sale of clothing in specialised stores

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The company is seeking distributors to establish an agreement in France and UK. Ideal partners should have proven and established distribution channels into the sport sector. Contacts into the martial arts and contact sports is desirable. They would be open also a small company specialised or a bigger one if they have an specialised division for the kind of sports they are specialised at.

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