Turkish interior design and furniture company wants to be a subcontractor to construction companies as well as seeking manufacturing agreements with furniture makers


The Turkish company based in Antalya, is specialized in architectural project design and applications including interior architectural design. It also manufactures project based furniture for different buildings. It wants to the subcontractor of architectural services for construction companies and manufacturing partner for furniture industries. The potential partners should be from Russia, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

- 18 years of experience in the market - Experience in transnational activities - Good knowledge of construction sector in Turkey and abroad - Competitive prices and high quality - Time management- based work ethic

The Turkish company, based in Antalya, was established in 1996. It is active in architecture sector and specialized in architectural and interior architectural project designing and project applications. The company is engaged in project-based furniture designing and manufacturing for different use such as offices, hotels, public buildings, fairs stands, etc. It also has contracting certificate. The main clients of the company in Turkey and also in abroad are hotels, resorts, museums, villas, public buildings, business premises and banks. The company has overseas contracting certificate and it is already involved in transnational activities. It wants to cooperate with companies especially from Russia, North Africa and Eastern Europe. It offers subcontracting agreement to construction companies in order to design turnkey architectural and interior architectural projects and apply them. It also offers manufacturing agreements to manufacture project-based furniture for companies from different sectors. By means of these agreements, the company aims to increase its transnational activities and exchange technological know-how.





07004003Home furnishing and housewares
09004002Office furniture and other professional furnishings
09007004Engineering and consulting services related to construction

C.31.0.1Manufacture of office and shop furniture
C.31.0.9Manufacture of other furniture

İş Birliği

Type of partners: - The potential partners for subcontracting agreements are construction companies. The company wants to design and apply architectural and interior architectural projects for their constructions as their subcontractor. - The potential partners for manufacturing agreements are companies from different sector in need of design and manufacture of furniture. The company wishes to manufacture project-based furniture for them. Trans-National Co-operation Experience: Not required

To carry out subcontracting agreements with the company, the potential partners should be experienced construction companies. For manufacturing agreements, the companies can be from any sector in need of project-based interior design and financially capable of running the project. Experience in transnational activities is not required.

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