A Serbian company engaged in export of fruits and vegetables seeks distributors


Serbian company engaged in export, import, wholesale and distribution of fruits and vegetables is looking for distributors for these products in the European market. The company is interested to find new business partners (distributors) of its products in the new markets.

The biggest advantage of the company is wide range of available fruits and vegetables of excellent quality. The company is flexible and can respond to the specific requirements of the client. The company operates according to HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) standard.

The company is founded in 2009, and is situated in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. The company exports Serbian products to Russia, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The company exports various types of fruits: apple, pear, peach, apricot, nectarine, cherry, plum, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. Also, the company exports vegetables such as: cabbage, potato, carrot, watermelon, melon and pepper. Strategies and objectives upon which management of the company is based are to obtain healthy and quality fruit and vegetables to consumers both in Serbia and from all over the world.





07003002Health food
09003004Distributors, imports and wholesalers

G.46.3.1Wholesale of fruit and vegetables

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Potential partners should have an experience in selling fruits and vegetables. The company is looking for a potential partner with developed sales network.

SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250

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In Serbia, both international and local varieties of apples are grown. Serbian strawberries are known for their rich red color and its ability to sustain fresh flavor even after freezing and processing. Both sour cherries and sweet cherries are represented well in Serbia. Serbia has more than 1,8 million sweet cherry trees and almost 9 million sour cherry trees. Raspberries from Serbia are one of

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