A Czech small construction company offers subcotracting services to Austrian companies


Small construction company from the Czech Republic is looking for construction companies from Austria to offer subcontracting services. The company offers its services (without supply of material) under services agreement and/or subcontracting. The company is able to offer a wide range of professional construction services for reasonable prices.

- Small company - low overhead costs - the company is able to offer lower prices than large companies. - Experience with subcontracting in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for small and medium companies.

Construction company from the Czech Republic offers its subcontracting services to Austrian construction companies. The company is registered since 1995 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company has experience in construction projects of small and large scale (from construction of complete house to building bathrooms). The main advantage of the company is professional network of workers which are able to supply work such as shuttering, steel reinforcement, reinforced concrete walls, concreting, bearing walls, partitions, plasters, coatings, etc., for reasonable price. Through good communication process with stakeholders and wide network of professionals in construction industry, the company can minimize project time and reduce costs. Working in networks gives a possibility to directly adapt to changes. The flexibility means that the company can use the knowledge they need at that time. Construction teams occur because there is an expressed customer need and dissolves as soon as the work is completed. The network is activated already at tender stage.





09007001Construction companies

F.41.2.0Construction of residential and non-residential buildings

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The sought partner should be a construction company from Austria which is looking for subcontracting services for construction projects.




Industry SME <= 10

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