Innovative cytological diagnosis of cancer (urogenital, lung, cervical, oral and laryngeal)


A Polish medical laboratory is offering preventive and postoperative cancer examinations using innovative LBC (Liquid Based Cytology) technology. Comparison between of all known methods of cytology shows that LBC is sensitive in 99% of the cases while conventional methods less than 40%. The company is seeking partners from health care sector from South and East Europe. Subcontracting or outsourcing agreements are desired.

Below are listed key benefits of using LBC technology: • there is lack of obscuring elements in sample material which results in a lower number of inadequate test results-more precise diagnosis and lower cost compared to competing technologies, • the time of diagnosis is shorter in comparison to conventional methods, • method of collecting a test material is safe, painless, minimally or non-invasive and comfortably for patient and medic, • special sample containers provides optimal condition for storage and transport.

The Polish laboratory specialised in cytopathology screening is using innovative Liquid Based Cytology method (LBC) in preventive and postoperative cancer assay. This method is used to identify urogenital, lung, cervical, oral and laryngeal cancers. LBC method used in cytopathology is a way of preparing samples for examination in laboratory. The sample is collected in a similar way to the conventional smear test, but rather than smearing the sample onto a microscope slide, the sample is deposited into a small container filled with preservative liquid. The sample is sent to the laboratory where it is filtered to remove obscuring elements (mucus, pus, blood) before a thin layer of cells is placed on a slide with use of compressed air. The slide is examined in the usual way under a microscope by a cytopathologist. That way of preparing samples allows for a precise and quick diagnosis. The LBC method is constantly developed for diagnosis of new forms of cancer. The company is offering its services for organisations interested in outsourcing or subcontract their cancer examinations activities. The laboratory provides samples collecting containers as well as examination of the material by cytopathologist. They are seeking partners among clinics, medical laboratories and individual practices from such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia where LBC screening method is less common or non-existent.





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Seeking cooperation with privately held clinics, medical laboratories and individual practices which are interested in outsourcing or subcontract their cancer examinations activities. Offer is addressed to the following specialists: internists, urologists, gynecologists, pulmonologists, endocrinologists.

LBC method is used to diagnose urogenital, lung, cervical, oral and laryngeal cancers. The laboratory’s capability to prepare samples is 5 000 per week and preparation of one sample takes 26 seconds. Each type of examination has dedicated container with preservative liquid to store cells form particular part of the human body. That enables consecutive examinations from the same sample even up to 30 days later.

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