Spanish producer of bee honey and pollen is looking for new distributors.


Spanish honey and pollen producer company which is distributing many types of honey in different formats. They produce pasteurized honey in plastic bottles and jar; and also raw honey in bulk of 300 kg. The company also deals with pollen. It is looking for new distributors in Europe.

The company combines tradition with technology. The human team of the company is made up of qualified professionals highly and perfectly structured in different departments, in order to guarantee the best result in our daily work. Their quality department and the traceability system that they carry on allow them to ensure a tight quality control of the honeys from its collection to its expedition once processed and packaged. The company its frequently subjected to external audits which ensure the reliability of our system of traceability. Accredited by ISO 17025, BRC certificate and IFS certificate. They are used to participate in International Agrofood Trade Fair.

The company was created in Spain in 1914, as a co-operative with a few beekeepers and was finally incorporated as a private limited company in 2003. The company produces honey around Valencia in Spain, primarily from orange blossom, rosemary and thyme as well as pollen. The company follows a strict process of selection, production and quality control to offer premium quality and works with a modern laboratory accredited to ISO 17025. As regards to the mechanisms of control and analysis of the product, the company can guarantee the absence of antibiotics in all its products. The factory has facilities with more than 4,000 m2 for the reception, storage, processing, packaging and shipment of its its honey. It has two packaging lines with total filling capacity of 10,000 units per hour. The company offers honey in different formats: glass jars , cans and plastic tubes squeezers and their production has British Retail Consortium (BRC) certification and International Food Safety (IFS) certification and ISO 17025 This company is an exporter all around the world and they are looking for distributors in Europe which can introduce its honey in different European markets with particular focus on the retail sector - shops and supermarkets and particularly specialised gourmet stores





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This company is looking for a long term relationship with a distributor in any European Union country, capable to introduce its honey among its actuation zones. Distributors with clients' network in the food distribution, shops, supermarkets and specialised shops.

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