A Russian company specialized in the sphere of honey manufacturing is looking for distributors


A Russian company is specialized in manufacturing honey deriving from different species, among them are: may, lime, flower, buckwheat, linden, black locust, sweet clover that can be packaged in glass or plastic jars of different sizes. The SME is looking for distributors interested in the products and able to promote them in new markets.

- There is a wide range of assortment of honey products including different kind of confections and other sweets; - Only natural ingredients such as cocoa, molasses, syrup, sugar are used in manufacturing. Without addition of preservatives; - The company’s production meets standard’s requirements (ISO 9001) according to which the company produces its output and pack it up. - The SME has the bee-gardens. - Taste and quality laboratories.

The Russian company from Rostov region was founded in 1998. Company's areas of activity are honey production, packaging and wholesale. The company offers weight honey in standard containers, packaged honey in 20 types of consumer packaging, glass and plastic jar, souvenir package. There are glass-jars and plastic jars of different capacity: glass-jars - 150,250,500,750,1000 gr., plastic jars - 250,500,700(750),1000,1300 (1400) gr.. The conditions of delivery can be discussed individually depending on location. The company is looking for potential distributor in European wine shops, restaurants, food wholesalers and supermarkets in the frame of distribution services agreement. The potential partner should be ready to work with large supplies of honey. The expected result from cooperation is to enter into new European market and to enlarge channels of distribution.





07001010Micro- and Nanotechnology related to agriculture

07003002Health food

A.01.4.9Raising of other animals
G.46.3.8Wholesale of other food, including fish, crustaceans and molluscs
H.49.4.1Freight transport by road

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Type of partner - SMEs. Field of activity - agrofood (beefarming and production of honey). Partner's role – obtain the Russian company’s honey production and distribute it among .

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