A Russian supplier of Siberian honey and herbs seeks trade representatives and distributors.


The Russian company specializes in sales of Siberian honey, herbs and mumijo (shilajit) from an eco-friendly region. The company is looking for partners to expand its sales and conclude distribution services or commercial services agreements.

Products from an eco-friendly region. Siberian honey with the high value of the diastase number. Honey comes from the apiaries belonging to a parastatal innovative enterprise engaged in the revival of beekeeping, which guarantees safety and constantly high quality.

The Russian company from Tomsk region sales honey, biologically active additives from different herbs and mumijo (shilajit). All the products are made in eco-friendly Siberian regions. Supplied honey is remarkable by the high value of the diastase number in comparison with other Russian regions. The high quality of Siberian honey is due to the fact that bees have to survive in the harsh northern winter which lasts 9 months, so they put more nutrients in the same amount of honey than the southern bees. Also the company supplies Mountain Altai honey, stone oil, mumijo, coffee scrub, dried herbs and herbal tincture (Golden root, Red brush, Red root, Maral root, Purple marshlocks). The company seeks trade partners (sales representatives, agents, distributors), which will sell supplied products through their sales channels and expand company's sales market abroad under distribution services or commercial services agreements.





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The company is interested in finding partners which operate in the field of food products and healthy nutrition, drug stores, medical centers (including alternative medicine institutions), which will sell supplied products through their sales channels.

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