Supplier of recycled silicone release liners and release papers offers outsourcing agreements to manufacturers


UK supplier of recycled silicone release liners offers outsourcing agreements to manufacturers interested in typical 50% reductions in the costs of silicone release liners, release papers and disposable backing papers used within their manufacturing processes.

The company’s recycled silicone release liners can typically be supplied for less than half of the price of virgin silicone release liners. The company will accept small minimum order quantities (MOQs) – starting from 250 square metres. Once an order is received in writing, the company can offer a fast lead time – typically 4 weeks ex works. Some standard products will be available from stock (ex-stock) for same-week despatch – discuss your requirements with the company.

This UK company recycles silicone release liners. Via outsourcing agreements, it is offering itself as an alternative supplier to manufacturers seeking to reduce the costs of silicone release liners and release papers used within their manufacturing processes. The company offers 100% recycled silicone release liners that have been remanufactured to a very high specification. Interested customers could be manufacturers of marine bearings, composite components, hot-melt adhesive coatings, adhesive tapes, transfer tapes, tissue tapes, conveyor belt vulcanisers, sheet-moulded compounds (SMCs), bitumen products or anything that uses a disposable backing paper in its product or process.





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Manufacturers seeking suppliers of lower-cost, recycled and remanufactured, high specification release liners.

Manufacturers that currently have high production costs arising from usage of virgin silicone release liners and would be interested in evaluating high specification recycled silicone release liners which can typically reduce costs by 50%.

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