Meet the Microbreweries of Denmark: The Taste of Danish, Scottish, Irish, and Northern Irish Beer

During the last decade a rapid expansion of the micro-brewing beer sector has given many European countries a very respectable number of breweries - compared to their population. The development of production technology, know-how and innovation is constantly taken place. It is also an industry which has very successfully branded itself creatively. Thus the initiative for this company mission between, Denmark, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The purpose of the company mission is to exchange technological know-how, and business ideas, thus the programme includes visits to three micro-breweries, a workshop and networking activities. This includes a networking activity with buyers/Owners of special beer shops with the aim to do business. The company mission would also include a presentation by a consumer-based organization to learn about the beer culture from a consumers' point of view.

Odense and Copenhagen / Denmark | 12-06-2016 12:00 - 15-06-2016 12:00