Sci-Tech Matchmaking at EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF)

As part of ESOF2016 MANCHESTER (EuroScience Open Forum) Enterprise Europe Network is organising a Sci-Tech matchmaking event to give companies, Universities, scientists and R&D organisations the opportunity to: • exchange knowledge, • secure potential partners to collaborate with, • identify other applications areas to grow their businesses, • secure future funding to commercialise new products. The focus for the matchmaking event will be around collaborative projects and European funding such as Horizon 2020. Project areas include • Healthy population • Material dimensions • Sustaining the environment • Data and the human Brain • Far frontiers • Living in the future • Bio-revolution • Science and policy • Science in our culture Maximise your time by pre-booking as many 1-2-1 meetings as possible Participants in the Sci-Tech matchmaking event will register on a dedicated platform where they will be able to promote their organisation and projects to generate interest from potential overseas partners. Interested parties will then be able to pre-arrange as many individual meetings of 20-minutes as possible over different time slots to maximise their attendance at ESOF2016 Manchester. Between the individual meetings, participants will also be able to attend different ESOF workshops and talks, visit the exhibition area and meet with our partner experts such as Vision2020, Knowledge Transfer Network.

Manchester / United Kingdom | 26-07-2016 12:00 - 27-07-2016 12:00